Having a good coin collection is just not enough. It is important to determine the value of the coin you possess and also of the coins you plan to buy. This process of determination of the value of coins is called coin grading. Coin collectors market is expanding at a rapid pace. Coin grading plays a vital role in ensuring that you are not cheated during the buying and selling of coins. Following are the reasons why one should prefer buying coins with coin certification-

Coin grading ensures authenticity, condition and overall quality of a coin. Let us have a look at how coin grading helps in determining if the coin is worth your purchase.

professional coin collector

  • Authenticity: While making a purchase of coins, a professional coin collector would always look for genuine coins. If the coin you are planning to buy is certified by a recognised grading company, it means you can have the peace of mind to buy that coin.
  • Appearance: The surface condition of a coin creates a great impact on its appearance. Coins lose their lustre with time due to oxidation. Older coins are often cleaned to remove the oxidation. In the process of cleaning, some coins are so harshly cleaned that it damages the coins surface. Also there occurs minor mint errors or defects on the surface of coins which are not very easy to be identified by untrained eyes. It is in such cases that grading companies come to rescue of numismatists. One can be assured of the surface condition of a certified coin.
  • Liquidity: One reason why coin collection is the favourite pastime of many is that it is easy to sell coins. It is the older coins that are a bit difficult to be sold. Such coins can only be sold in their graded form. Coin certification builds the trust in the coin that you are selling or buying. There are lesser risks of being cheated by the seller when you are dealing with certified coins.

Make your collection of coins unique and be confident of the coins that you posses before making a deal by getting your coins graded.