salient feature of Bitmex trading

Pros and cons of Bitmex trading

Bitmex trading is a unique trading platform in many ways. The most salient feature of Bitmex trading is that it provides smart options to users. Bitmex is also different in that it trades solely using cryptocurrencies. Regular money like dollars, euro or any other currency is not accepted on Bitmex. Due to these several features of Bitmex, it enjoys both positive and negative aspects. Let us take a look at the pros and cons of Bitmex here.

  • Pros


Leverage trading allows you to invest money in certain assets and earn several folds of that money back. The rate of return on some products has been as much as 100 times. So the profits in Bitmex can be staggering if invested wisely.

using cryptocurrencies


It is highly secure and has never been hacked, unlike several other cryptocurrency exchanges. Some exchanges were hacked and lead to a significant drop in cryptocurrency prices as a result.

  • Cons


Just as you can earn, you can also lose money easily. If you invest money in an asset that you speculate will grow but it dips, you will lose money and sometimes even go down in debt.


The tool is complicated and can be hard to use for beginners. Since speculation is not easy and quite unpredictable, investors may end up losing money. That is why it is necessary to have some experience if not expertise in both forex trading and cryptocurrencies.

In order to trade at Bitmex, you need to sign up with for an account and then select a futures contract of your choice. You can then start trading at Bitmex. Bitmex has emerged as a strong competitor in its field since the profits projected are high. It also provides a kind of stability to the cryptocurrencies in use.

The smart options on Bitmex have given it an edge over other cryptocurrency investment platforms.