The Father of 5WPR

The True Value of Success: Ronn Torossian

The today’s definition of success has changed. The current generation has inculcated the mindset- the richer a person is, the more successful you become as an individual. The problem with this definition is money becomes the prevalent driving force to some people’s career. In the other thought, all the ideal successful people have disputed to this mentality. According to one of the most notable people in the field of public relations, Ronn Torossian believes that how people spend their riches defines the true value of success. He is not only a businessman and but also a philanthropist. He takes in deep pleasure in charitable giving and is convinced in the belief that philanthropy is a vital part of true success. He consistently dedicates a part of his income to charitable donation every year and his company-5W has built a confederation that aims to match any free contribution or donation their workers give. In addition, Torossian contributes to collaborative educational enterprises and medicinal services ventures because helping others serves as one of his top priorities in his career.

collaborative educational enterprises

The Father of 5WPR:

Ronn Torossian is the brilliant Founder and CEO of 5WPR, a public relations firm based in New York City. His company belongs to the top ranking privately owned PR firms across America. In addition, he is also an author of “For Immediate Release” and the CMO of JetSmarter. Armored with a solid work experience for 20 years, he eventually made a groundbreaking name in various industries and was given prestigious awards. Some of which are:

  • PR Executive of the Year by the American Business Awards.
  • Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year semifinalist
  • American Business Awards PR agency for three consecutive years

 His Role Model: Warren Buffett

One of his great inspiration is Warren Buffett, who is considered to be one of the richest and most successful individuals in the world. Warren Buffett has never forgotten to be steadfast towards his ethical beliefs and values. He truly enjoys being a part of a bigger change to humanity by volunteering in charitable works. Torossian trusts that Buffett shows individuals about the importance of living with balance and purpose.

Tips for Success:

Ronn Torossian would always advice aspiring entrepreneurs to be always driven, and not to put too much time into thinking, and be resolved to get things going regardless of what impediments are in your direction. Business visionaries should set as an example to others, keeping a receptive outlook, to know when is the right time to listen and ask guidance when necessary. Another strong conviction for Torossian is to appreciate the basic things in life and to invest in relationships with friends and family and always show appreciation for your workers.