Know About Investing In Shipping Containers

What You Need To Know About Investing In Shipping Containers

An investment can either be a product or a service that is bought or financed in the hopes of getting financial gains. There are a ton of potential investments that you can go for like food and beverage, banking, construction, education, insurance, real estate, automotive, politics, funeral services, storage, tourism, finance, publishing, oil, casino, mining, technology, manufacturing, liquor, cruises, farming, aerospace, sports, social media, advertisement, defense, hospitality, health, pharmaceuticals, communications, insurance and many many more.

All of those are very popular investments and if you have a money those are the things that you can go for with your investment. What most people don’t know is that the shipping industry is worthy of having a look. Sure you got some really heavy hitters today but what most people don’t know is that these companies are cutting corners and most don’t really follow traditional shipping practices and that can be said with shipping containers. Most people think that these huge shipping companies own their containers, what most people don’t know is that they lease it.

investment and leasing firm

They lease it on a procurement/ investment and leasing firm:

What most people don’t know is that shipping companies mostly lease their shipping containers. This is because leasing makes everything hassle free prom acquiring, use, and even disposal. Shipping companies no longer have to worry about that. In terms of costs, it’s also cost less and with this practice shipping companies will be able to efficiently work with lesser cost but with the same amount of results.

You are the investor, yes you!

These shipping companies rely on a 3rd party that can provide them shipping containers and these party providers lease it or buy it (whichever is better) to these shipping companies. These 3rd party shipping container providers are the ones that will buy shipping containers for these purposes. And you can be one of them, yes you! you don’t need to be a company to do it, you can have one even with your hard earned money.

What you need to expect:

Despite it’s earning potential, many people still elude this great potential investment and for a very good reason. You see most people really don’t know much about it. Below are some facts on a 3rd party shipping provider called Davenport Laroche, their practices can be used as a reference.

  • Roughly the cost of a 40-foot container shipping container is 9,000 GBP or 13,250 USD
  • Shipping containers are insured
  • You can either lease or sell them
  • Davenport Laroche can buy back your shipping containers after 5 years and offer the same that you paid for them.
  • You can also sell it before that
  • With Davenport Laroche, you can get a guaranteed 12% earned
  • You can also choose a non-guaranteed amount
  • You can also sell it before that

Shipping container investments are one of those investments that offer a very promising profit. The problem is that not all people see it that way since not all people see what’s really the trade. let a company called Davenport Laroche show you the way.