Ancient Events that Changed the World

Ancient Events that Changed the World

Did you ever wonder what would have happened to the world if Germany had won the Wars? Or what if the British have not colonized America?What if Radio wasn’t Invented? What if there were no banks? What if the newspaper wasn’t invented? These scenarios were very real and were just averted by several old age events. Without these happening, the world as we know it would have been a very different place. Here are the two I find most interesting.

The Norwegian Resistance to Germany – 1944

     The world war is in full swing and all sides are looking for weapons that can tip the balance in their favor.  The race is on for who can produce the first Atomic Bomb. A key component is Deuterium Oxide or “Heavy Water”. A fertilizer Production plant in Norway is known to produce this in large quantities usable enough for nuclear weapon production. The Allies recognized the threat and coordinated with Norwegian Armed Forces.

weapon for world domination

(more like resistance groups) Subsequently, the saboteurs were able to destroy the German heavy water production. Germany had the knowledge and the technology to build Nuclear weapons, they just did not have enough materials. It seems that we have a lot to be thankful for to the Norwegian People. If not for their heroic resistance, Germany would have made a devastatingly efficient use of this weapon for world domination.

Christianity was not able to take root in Japan

     in the 1600s, Catholic missionaries successfully converted a number of feudal lords in Japan and have amassed a large number of following. However, for fear of the growing influence, the Shogunate has expelled all the Christians from the nation. If this did not happen, a catholic shogun most probably would have risen and an allegiance to the pope would happen. In theory, this would have made Japan an ally to France and Spain in the 7 years war against England. If that was the case, England would have been defeated. This would have made it impossible for Britain to colonize America – and thus we would have had changed the world very differently with what we have today.

     To sum this up, there are many scholars who would interchange some events that happened as THE most important or this event should be included. Arguments can be thrown back and forth, but the facts are real, these events happened and shaped in some form or the other, the world that we enjoy today. There are a lot of important events that mattered but these two are my favorite.