free speech and freedom

Jay Sekulow – Publications

Jay Sekulow has written for numerous publications and they are all concerned about free speech and freedom to practise Christian faith. His organization, American centre for law and justice has seen to that Christian faith is not tarnished, given its due freedom of practice and allowed to flourish. He has appealed in regions where he sees or perceives there is threat o the religion especially in countries which are Islamic states and don’t have much affiliation to the minority religions, Jay and the organization has been vocal and sought justice to such situation.

Jay and the organization

He has opposed forcible conversions and appealed to the society at large to come forward and help in this goal for donating or offering help. Hen posts of inspiring tales of people have held onto their faith despite being on the verge of death. He and team have relentlessly to help such people get justice and get them released from captivity and where they are forcibly converted. Religious free speech is a big part of his work and propaganda. He has always advocated that some vested powers in the world are destroying peace and has peering religious freedom. His works have left a deep impact on people.

His contribution to pro life groups

Jay Sekulow has helped many pro life groups and seen that anti abortion stance to be taken. He has also placed keen interest on the national security of the country, hence suggested that borders should be sealed and not allow migrants to crossover. He and his organization have kept an eye on other countries where he sees the Christian faith is not compromised in any way. He has vocally supported Israel’s fight against Hamas, a known terrorist organization that has made many jihadist attacks and continues to do so. He had vividly illustrated the devastation of the jihadist attacks made all over the world and how appalling these atrocities seem with so much loss of lives and property leaving people injured and traumatised for the rest of their lives. The scarred memories of 9/11 come to haunt how it unfolded just to carry out a barbaric act on innocent humans.