Understanding Law and Justice

Understanding Law and Justice-Why They Need to Work Together

Ancient belief shows that religion and morality were basically the primary basis that governed the relationship among individuals. It was a natural law that was upheld and protected even if it wasn’t put into writing at that time. However, after a lot of debacle, it was finally determined that human relations should be governed by law written by the legal scholars. With this, law played an important role in defining and protecting the systems, relationships and institutions of human behaviors. It is used to create standards and to maintain the social order in all context just as what Jay Sekulow has been doing.

Justice and Equality

Why do we need law?

We need to understand the importance of the state of nature before we can ask ourselves this question. In the past, man lived without security to his property or even to his life. The wars are clearly the evidence needed to prove this point. There was no question as to who is right or wrong. There is only a need to preserve one’s life and property. The idea of justice was not yet introduced. There was no law governing human relationship and interaction. As far as anyone is concerned, everyone had a right to own anything without asking permission or whatsoever. This should not be the case as continuously defended by Jay Sekulow.

Law and Human Rights

In order to justify human rights, strong grounds need to be established. Basically, our human rights are considered as the conclusion to every arguments. Rights originated in the concept of the contract where the responsibilities of every party are indicated and specified. The state of nature had no contract to govern the rights and relationships of the people but there was mutual agreements to understand their roles. Proper implementation of human rights will only be possible if the people acknowledge the laws that will create an environment that’s safe and conducive as what Jay Sekulow has always highly regarded.

Justice and Equality

It was established that justice is referred to as what people would agree to as the basic standard of social collaboration in certain conditions that are considered fair to all. There is fairness or equality when the society makes sure that every individual are afforded their rights and are treated equally insofar as law is concerned.

Law and Justice

Many people like Jay Sekulow believe that there is a tight connection between law    and justice. What connects them generally is the foundation of law which is the law related to God and nature. True justice can be found in nature as it is nature that orders us to know what should be done and what should not. The creators of our human laws believe in this nature and in fact, it was used as the basis for the formulation of the laws governing us today. With this, there is a tie that’s unbreakable insofar as law and justice are concerned.