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When a Property Purchase May Involve a Real Estate Litigation Attorney

For most of us, hiring a lawyer seems like a huge and unnecessary expense when buying a property. The transactions are fairly simple, the properties are clearly defined and the main legal problems that exist are handled by our real estate agents or creditors who have an ownership interest. However, some real estate purchases are best handled by a lawyer.

When you have to contact a lawyer to buy

Advising a lawyer before buying can help prevent problems and put you in a better position later if problems arise. It is especially important to consult a real estate lawyer in complex matters where:

real estate lawyer

  • The contract contains conditions that do not include
  • You believe that the terms of the agreement do not reflect prior agreements or statements of intent
  • Feels that the terms of the contract are not in the contract
  • You believe that the terms of the contract are unfair or unenforceable
  • The purchase includes conditions that must be met between purchase and storage
  • The purchase includes many parts (owners, builders, developers, REIT)
  • The property is not clearly defined in the contract or it seems different from the one discussed above

Counseling a lawyer at this stage can help you understand what you are getting into. An advocate can also recommend procedures to eliminate misunderstandings and review a contract to clearly define the roles of all parties.

When you need a lawyer for a litigation in the field of real estate

A forensic real estate attorney becomes necessary when a contractual dispute arises under the terms of the sale. The dispute can be virtually anything in the contract, but some of the most common causes of disputes include:

  • The seller does not perform the specified repairs / improvements
  • The seller does not launch on the specified date
  • The seller can not leave the property ready (large debris or equipment left)
  • The property is not in the seller’s list
  • Equipment or property included in the contract,
  • Utility or unpaid property tax as specified in the contract

In these cases, you may need a lawyer for the other party to comply with the terms of the contract.

Depending on the terms of the contract, you can initiate a lawsuit or use an alternative resolution of disputes, for example, mediation or arbitration. In any case, a real estate lawyer should be considered necessary to help you get the best result.

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