Need to Know Once You Enter Motherhood

Aden + Anais: What You Need to Know Once You Enter Motherhood

If the needle on that pregnancy test is positive, your life is about to change. After the initial anticipation and excitement, you might find yourself confused as you think of what should be done – everything from signing up to childcare classes to arranging medical tests. It also includes mounting a car seat but getting ready doesn’t have to be that overwhelming. With an advance planning and a little bit of preparation, you’ll be armed to handle all the duties – and be able to appreciate this special moment.

Raising your child is nothing but full of surprises. No matter what articles, references, books, or forums you read, nothing can prepare you for becoming a parent. Here are some things you should read to prepare yourself for this glorious moment.

newborn baby

Nothing Changes – Your Husband Would Love You Eternally.

Your spouse will love you even if dinner isn’t ready or the house is unclean. Oftentimes, you fail to perform all the residential duties that you want to. Other days will feel like they last forever and when your partner returns, the house may look like a garbage bin with the dirty laundry everywhere. In those situations, you just might have to order food due to that fact that the house is still unkempt. That’s no big deal! Hence, if you have a day where you fail to get every duty done, it’s okay! You’re already a mom! You’re doing a splendid job of taking care of your newborn baby! Your partner is going to love you no matter what!

Ask for Help – Don’t Hesitate to Call Your Partner!

If you’re overwhelmed by just staying at home all day with your newborn baby, ask for help already! Ask for a family member or friend to visit and help you out. If you need someone to come over for a specific period so you can eat or clean the house without holding your baby, then ask! Don’t hesitate about it! It’s okay to ask for their help!  You’re new to this area and it isn’t something that you learn overnight!

Prepare Your Journal – to Avoid Forgetting Important Things.

List down the things you don’t want to miss out and questions for your doctor. For instance, the memory journals for kids are important, since it contains their first check-ups after the first year. Also, it’s where you list down their first laugh, first smile, and first walk. Your own memory deteriorates with each child and if you don’t list down all these things, it could be forgotten in the future; hence, listing those things down is advised, because you’ll want to recall those moments when they were little.

You Can Stare at Them While They Sleep.

Your newborn baby is going to be the most perfect, beautiful, and adorable person in the world (in your own perspective). So naturally, you’re going to desire to watch over them at all times. Even if they grow up, you still want to peak a glimpse and watch them sleep. It’s really okay! As a parent, that’s a thing you get to do, so you better grab it. There are other elements cuter than seeing your baby sleep.

Starting early by reading the guide from Aden + Anais is one way to perform your duty.