How does a LAN messenger work

How does a LAN messenger work?

We all know that the work of a lan messenger is to allow users to communicate with each other over the local area network without the need of an active internet connection. It offers group chat, broadcasting, file sharing and user access restriction features and might even have much more features too. In short, it is a full-featured option in place of Winpopup and is simple to use and hassle-free to set up. Also, it caters to the needs and requirements of the business. The working of the LAN Messenger is as follows.

Working of the LAN messenger

Working of the LAN messenger —

this messenger program sits in the system tray until any user sends a message and then it is activated by means of a hotkey. There is an editor box in the software that allows you to type messages in one of the windows of your computer. There are other features such as auto-reply, ignore as well as fast-reply. There is also a dual-window screen that allows the users to view the incoming messages too. There is also a search function to search through previous messages. There are several user interface configuration options that allow customising the look and design of the chat window. It also lets the managers broadcast information to people connected to the LAN. Also restricting user access can be done so that they have access to only vital information and restricting access to other.

Technical details of LAN messenger —

This LAN messenger is not able to be accessed by external networks and does not require any sort of server. This allows saving time and money in the server set up and installation. It also increases the level of security. The architecture is much reliable as it reduces the intermediates from which the information can be passed from the sender to the recipient. The messenger makes use of TCP/IP and UDP protocols. This allows Pcs to communicate with each other without the need of any sort of administrative burden. It has all the power of an instant messenger and email programs with proper speed and without any need for security issues.