Rent Shuttle Bus: The Answers to Your FAQs About Renting Charter Vehicles

Your field trip is happening soon! How are you going to transport everyone to your chosen destination without any concerns and on-time? Other trip organizer search for air travel or carpooling to transport their team but these choices leave them vulnerable to members to lose their belongings, get lost, and arrive late. The most cost-efficient, cheapest, and safest choice for group transportation is a charter bus.

To help you narrow down your choices and learn how to rent a charter vehicle for field trips, experts have outlined the complete guide to charter bus rentals. Start reading!

What Items Are Not Allowed On-Board?

Generally, it’s advisable to leave dangerous substances, flammable materials, explosives, and weapons at home. Your rental companies can offer you with their certain measures and don’t hesitate to ask if you don’t understand a specific element. Additionally, smoking isn’t allowed on charter buses but you can smoke at rest stops along the route.

Are Beds Available on Charter Vehicles?

Normally, standard charter vehicles aren’t equipped with beds but they do have reclining and cushioned chairs to help you be comfortable. If you don’t want to rest during the trip, you may lean against the window or be comfy with your neck pillow. If your team requires beds, you can charter an entertainer coach which often has 8 – 12 bunk beds and a master room in the back part. Standard entertainer vehicles are equipped with a WiFi connection, satellite TV, restroom, kitchen, and lounge area, making them the best choice to transport entertainment groups and artists.

Are Charter Vehicles Equipped with Storage Spaces?

If compared to other kinds of land transportation, charter buses have an abundant amount of storage spaces. Inside, overhead bins found above the seats store your belongings thus, it minimizes disturbances. Under the bus, there are open containers – known as the luggage or storage bays. These compartments hold larger things and instruments. Those areas are where belongings and instruments are kept. It’s assumed that passengers who play loud music can be imprisoned there too! As the result of their size, minibuses have limited luggage areas on-board and are best fitted for smaller teams. If additional storage is necessary, ask your trip organizer or reservation practitioners which choices are available before making a final decision.

How Do Restrooms Look on a Charter Bus?

A restroom found on standard charter vehicles is compact and includes a hand washing sink and toilet. The space inside these restrooms is small and usage is different as the result of the movement of the bus. If they can help it, it’s advisable that passengers only use the car’s restroom accordingly.

Are Charter Vehicles Equipped with Seat Belts?

In 2013, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ordered that all new vehicles be designed with seat belts. Buses created before the enactment of this rule aren’t requested to have seatbelts. Regardless of when they were created, all buses are subject to federal measures to ensure a safe and comfy ride for drivers and passengers.

Don’t worry about spending for unskilled drivers. Your rental company will offer you with a safe, skilled, registered driver. They’re responsible for your group’s safety; therefore, rent shuttle bus with heightened driver reputations and standards.