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San Lorenzo 52 steel luxury Superyacht

A superyacht industry has thrived over the recent years with billionaires buying yachts in 10 million euros price range. SanLorenzo 52 Steel is among the trendiest superyacht that is mostly purchased by multi-millionaires. San Lorenzo 52 is the successor of the 46 steel yacht which was also the most successful superyacht.

San Lorenzo 52 is another magic that has been introduced from Italian sleeve shipbuilder. They’ve simply utilized an experience which was established from prior line model to create a yacht that joins a timeless line to typical San Lorenzo yachts.


Seven Sins is a previous model of San Lorenzo 52 steel yacht. The founder of seven sins has a remarkable vision which was not his first San Lorenzo, cause he knew that this Italian model can make a success. As a matter of facts, requested over 72 changes before signing the contract.

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Particularly, 52 steel yacht model is designed with remarkable ideas that make the guests on the board pampered with an amazing experience on a journey of their dream. For instance, it consists of an exterior control station, which is uncommon for a yacht vessel of this size.

 In fact, it’s among the changes the owner would love to request since he would prefer driving his yacht himself. Another smart feature is a drive-in gentle garage. It can also transform into the beach club with sauna, a complete beam gym, and steam room.

Below-lower deck is very practical since it provides a direct access for a crew who work silently without causing disturbance to the guests who are on board. A glass under swimming pool is another proof of smart designing. Which is located on a major deck that enables natural light inside.


San Lorenzo 52 steel is absolutely an exceptional superyacht that reflects its price. It always attracts each and every guest individually to offer exactly what they are looking for. Hence, the latest model of San Lorenzo 52 can cost about 30,800,000 euros including VAT.

Since not everyone has what it take to own this luxurious beauty, renting is another alternative. Yachting has made numerous benefits. Vacation plan is one of the benefits which includes your entire expectations. You can simply choose the perfect yacht that suits your budget. Eventually, you can think of where to go while you continue to enjoy lots of activities in your luxurious superyacht. You can hire the seven sins yacht at roughly $225,000 and enjoy a week stress week journey.